Our Vendors

O-Outdoor Market T-Thanksgiving Market W-Winter Market


applecheek-farm-548.jpgApplecheek Farm

John and Rocio Clark – Hyde Park, VT

Applecheek Farm is a multi-generational sustainable organic diversified family farm. Offering certified organic meats and milk, agri-tourism, sleigh/wagon rides, farm tours, school field trips, and hall rental with catering services. The Clark family has owned and operated Applecheek Farm since 1965. O, T, W

Products at market — certified organic grass fed beef and all natural beef sausages, certified organic grass fed-milk fed Veal. Certified organic poultry: chickens, ducks, turkeys, and eggs. Homemade chicken pot pies and all natural pure Emu Oil.



Berry Creek FarmBerry Creek Farm

Gerard & Rosemary Croizet – Westfield, VT O, T

Products at market — strawberries outdoor market; honey, jams, candles at Thanksgiving market


Dog River FarmDog River Farm

George Gross and Julie O’Keefe – Berlin, VT

Dog River Farm is an organic vegetable and berry farm growing on 30 acres just outside of Montpelier.  O

Products at market — certified organic mixed vegetables, berries, eggs, tomato sauce.


East Hill Tree Farm

Nicko Rubin – Plainfield, VT

We are a nursery and edible landscape design business based in Plainfield, VT. We grow our trees and shrubs on East Hill on the edge of the Groton Mountains. We grow organically and are happy to share information and advice for successful fruit growing in Central Vermont as we work toward a more self-reliant community.  O

Products at Market – hardy potted trees and shrubs: apples, pears, plums, and cherries, blueberries, currants, and gooseberries, as well as several unusual fruits.


Ellie's Farm MarketEllie’s Farm Market

Billy & Karen Moynihan – West Berlin, VT

A founding member of the market, the Moynihan’s till 50 of their 200 acre family farm. Offering excellent quality at a fair price is their goal.   O, T

Products at market — bedding plants, seedlings, mixed vegetables, small fruits, apples, cider.


Fool's Farm FlowersFool’s Farm Flowers

Anne Tondu – Hardwick, VT

Growing specialty cut flowers organically at 1500 ft in the mountains of north central Vermont. Over 200 varieties of cut flowers including over 20 different sunflowers. O, T

Products at market — first year perennial plants, cut flowers, dried flowers, and wreaths.


 Garden of Seven Gables

JoAnn Darling– Barre, VT

I’ve been in business since 1994, growing and selling perennials, fresh and dried cut flowers. I also sell dried arrangements, hand-made soaps, herbal incense, and fresh brown eggs.  I offer workshops and classes and hold several special annual summer events. We are a member of the Capital City Farmers Market and Barre Farmers Market. O, T, W

Products at market — cut flowers, dried flowers and wreaths, handmade soap, herbal vinegars, incense, and eggs.


img_0211.jpgGaylord Farm

Hadley Gaylord & Debra White– Waitsfield, VT

Gaylord Farm offers high quality grass fed beef, pork and chickens. We use all organic practices, we do not use hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Our animals are born on the farm. From conception to consumption, you know where you food comes from.  You may purchase many varieties of cuts, or you can order 1/4, 1/2  or a whole beef.  Come visit the farm.   O, T, W

Products at market — Beef, Pork, Eggs, vegetables.



Giving Tree Botanicals

Heather Irvine– Montpelier, VT
O, T, W

Products at market — Tinctures (extracts) of medicinal plants and topical oils and creams made of plants Heather Irvine grows and other local and non-local ingredients.


The Green ReaperThe Green Reaper

Boots Wardinski & Chris Esten – South Ryegate, VT

Growing hardy and unusual perennials since 1986. We love peonies and have many varieties. We know our plants. Most of the plants we sell are field grown or we have trialed in our own gardens. You can purchase our plants with confidence that with proper care they will thrive in your gardens, too.
In late summer we offer our high quality eating, storage and seed garlic. O, T

Products at market — perennials, shrubs, asparagus,garlic, blueberries, raspberries, maple syrup, cut flowers, pumpkins, and botanical note cards.


vermont-life-revised-2007-125.jpgGreenfield Highland Beef

Janet Steward and Ray Shatney – Plainfield, VT

All Natural Grass Fed/Grass Finished Highland Beef. No Hormones or Antibiotics, Humanely Raised in Greensboro Bend and Plainfield, Vermont.  O, T, W
Products at market — grass-fed, grass-finished Highland beef, VT photo greeting cards and prints.



Heartwood Farm

Andy Paonessa – South Albany, VT

O, W

Heartwood Farm is a diversified vegetable farm located in South Albany, Vt. Bordered by beaver ponds, sugar maple, and spruce, our goal is to bring food to all corners of our community and to continue the thriving rural traditions in our lives and work. Along with growing vegetables we tap around 700 maples using non-leaded buckets and boil sap in a wood-fired evaporator.


High Ledge FarmHigh Ledge Farm

Paul Betz & Cate Camilletti – East Calais, VT

We are a small family farm located in South Woodbury, VT. We have been coming to the market since 2000, and look forward to seeing our friends each week. We have a passion for fresh food, and we bring only the very best our farm has to offer. O, T

Products at market — seedlings, flower plants, mixed vegetables, herbs


Highland Gardens

Kevin Thompson & Jane Tucker – Middlesex, Vermont

O, T

Products at market — annuals, perennials, vegetable starts, herbs, hanging baskets, planters, shrubs, fruit plants, fall ornamentals, mixed vegetables, brook trout, chicken, pickles, garden crafts.


Huard Family Farm

Frank, Karen, Mabel & baby Evelyn Huard– Craftsbury, VT

O, T, W

Products at market — Huard Family Farm is the only Tier II Raw Goat Milk diary in Vermont. Since we are Tier II we are allowed to deliver our milk. Frank, Karen, Mabel & baby Evelyn are all a part of the production of the very best goat’s milk in Vermont determined by the VT Dairy Industry Association. Huard Family Farm has been awarded the top quality award for 2009 and 2011 (2 out of the 3 years that VT Dairy Industry Association has been recognizing goat milk). We milk 9 goats and also sell goat meat (Chevon).


.Kettle Song Farm

Jaiel Pulskamp – Worcester, VT

O, T

Products at market — seedlings, vegetables including greens, squash, herbs, potatoes, garlic, salad mix


Kind Horn Farm – Kathy Taft Boyden– Duxbury, VT


Products at market — Kind Horn Farm is a small family farm raising certified organic Icelandic sheep for fiber and grass fed meat. Farm products include certified organic fleeces, yarns, rovings, felting batts, hand crafted needle felted items, and certified organic grass-fed lamb. Our off-grid farm is dedicated to sustainable farming practices.


Lazy Lady FarmLazy Lady Farm

Laini Fondiller – Westfield, Vermont

O, T, W

Products at market — Cheese, kid, pork, beef, chicken, goat, eggs.


p1010002_0.jpgLePage Farm

Alan LePage – Barre, Vermont

LePage Farm has been growing and marketing organic fruits and vegetables locally year ’round for 3 decades. We are located in Barre Town near the top of Beckley Hill and has been farmed continuously by the LePages since the Civil War. Although our clay loam soils are not considered ideal for a vegetable farm, we have always amazed customers by the flavor of our produce. This has much to do with re-mineralization of our soils, and the organic matter produced by the use of many sources of composted animal manures. We grow over 110 varieties of vegetables, the production of which we pioneered in central Vermont. Globe artichokes, honeydew melons, okra, lima beans, romanesco broccoli, sweet potatoes, peanuts, tomatilloes and many other varieties were first grown in Vermont here on this farm. And we still are working on new introductions to the brief Vermont growing season. Whether you want a golden turnip in January, or a Sharlyn melon in August, you will find professionally grown produce, worth what you pay for it from us. E-mail us with your questions or comments – lepagefarm@yahoo.com, or join in our radio talk show, The Curse of the Golden Turnip, Sunday 6 to 9 AM on WGDR-FM 91.1.  O, T, W

Products at market — mixed vegetables, flowers, pickles, salsa, lacto-fermented veggies, wildcrafted foods including mushrooms, strawberry plants, chaga chai, raspberry, blackberry, current plants, plum trees.


Little Leaf GreenhouseLittle Leaf Greenhouse
Laura Weikert– Morrisville, VT
Products at market — a wide selection of indoor plants

Mont Eden FarmMont Eden Farm

Carrie Kessler – Corinth, Vermont

A remote hill farm, steeped in over 200 years of farm history. All products are grown chemical-free with a focus on quality and unique varieties. O, T

Products at market — Blueberries, apple, pears, Shiitake mushrooms, cut flowers, plants, honey, beeswax candles, honey-glycerin soaps, preserves.



Jan Stuart– Montpelier, VT

O, T

Products at market — Creates so soft llama and alpaca fiber, hand felted crafts and one of a kind teddy bears.  Also produces Jan’s Jams and Jellies from local herbs and vegetables.


Mt. Mansfield Creamery

Stanley Biasini – Stowe, VT

Stan and Debora of Mount Mansfield Creamery operate a small family-owned dairy in Morrisville, Vermont. Debora milks about 30 Holstein and Brown Swiss cows a day and ships to the Saint Albans Cooperative.  She has received several awards for the quality of milk produced. Stan, has recently (first batch in June 2009!) began making small batches of cheese and has increased to year round production in response to customer demand. Mount Mansfield Creamery produces several amazing raw milk cheeses including a French cheese washed with Rock Art beer and a true Danish Havarti.  All of their cheeses are named after ski slopes at Stowe. Varieties include Chin Clip, Forerunner, Inspiration and Hayride.

O, T, W

Products at market — farmstead artisan, raw milk cheeses.


Owl Hill Farm

Chris Thompson, Natalia Singh, family and friends – Plainfield, VT

Owl Hill Farm is located, thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, on East Hill Road in Plainfield. On three intensely managed acres we produce a wide variety of  vegetables, using practices we consider “beyond organic”.

Products at market — vegetables.

O, T, W


petes-farm.jpg Pete’s Greens

Pete Johnson – Craftsbury, Vermont

A certified organic vegetable farm in Craftsbury Village with a goal of providing the greatest vegetable diversity for as much of the year as possible. Greenhouses, root cellars, and an array of season extension methods are used to achieve this goal. O

Products at market — mixed vegetables


Rogers Farmstead

Jessie and Nathan Rogers – Berlin, VT


Products at market — raw milk, barley, wheat


Seed Folks Farm

Nicole Duch and Ben Uris, Calais, VT

O, T, I

Products at market — We are young but dedicated first generation farmers managing for healthy soil to grow high quality crops.  We take pride is feeding our surrounding community and believe small farms can make a big difference.
Products at market: mixed vegetables


Sugar Ridge Farm

Stephen & Diane Jones – North Danville, VT

A family run business started by Stephen and Diane in 1972. The mission of Sugar Ridge Farm is to provide top quality products at a reasonable price using sustainable forestry management practices. The Jones family has been producing maple products since 1866.  O, T, W

Products at market — pure Vermont maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream, maple candy.


Sweet Rowen Farmstead LLC.

Paul Lisai, East Albany, VT
Sweet Rowen Farmstead is a grass-based dairy located in East Albany, where our cows enjoy pasture day & night for as much of the year as possible. We bottle gently-pasteurized, cream-top milk from our 12-cow herd of Holsteins and Randall Linebacks, a heritage Vermont breed. In addition to bottled milk, we’re developing a line of cultured fresh dairy products to showcase our cows’ delicious milk and provide the community with healthful, local, responsibly-produced dairy products.  O

Products available at the market: pasteurized whole milk; pasteurized Vermont maple milk


Tangletown Farm

Lila Bennett and David Robb – West Glover, VT

We are a small family farm, raising free-range and pasture based livestock. Pending organic certification. Beginning in July we will be feeding grains grown here, in Vermont. Our animals are raised with care, attention and optimal nutrition. We are committed to making the local food movement successful by making local food accessible to everyone. We sell our beef to local schools and senior centers and are part of The Vermont Farm to School Educational Program. We offer a variety of CSA packages to meet every families financial and nutritional needs.  O, T, I

Products at market — Pastured, organic ethically raised meat and eggs.   rabbit, chicken, duck, guinea hen, pheasant, turkey, goose, pork and beef.  Half and whole orders for goat and lamb.


Willow Moon Farm

Sharon Peck & Kim Ingraham – Plainfield, VT
Willow Moon Farm is a small, family-run, goat dairy in Plainfield, Vermont. We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for conformation and with a particular emphasis on dairy. We use their fabulous milk to produce delicious, award winning farmstead cheese.  O, T, I
Products at market — Fresh chèvre, feta, and a variety of pasteurized and raw milk aged cheeses. Goat milk soap. goat milk fudge & Chèvre truffles, dog biscuits.




Mark Simakaski and Nichole Wolfgang – Groton, VT

Artesano produces hand-crafted mead, a wine made from honey, using only local and natural ingredients. We begin with pure, raw and unfiltered honey and ferment one of nature’s sweetest gifts into a delicious wine with hints of pear, citrus and figs. We also offer spiced mead and seasonal fruit mead with blueberries, plums or raspberries. Produced and bottled in the northeast kingdom, our mead reflects the special terroir of Vermont.  O, W

Products at market: mead and ice cream (ice cream only at the outdoor market)


Butterfly Bakery

Claire Fitts – Montpelier, VT

Products at market— maple syrup and naturally sweetened cookies, bars, granola, scones, chocolate spread, and other baked goods as well as tea and truffles. O, T, W


Verne and Judy DuClos – Braintree, VT

O, T, I

Products at market — Pickles, jams, honey, horseradish, baked beans, quiche, eggs, pies, cakes, baked goods.


Gracie’s Tamales

Grace Holter – Warren, VT

Gracie’s tamales are made from preservative free corn flour called Maseca.  The spices used are organic from Frontier natural products.  She uses local pork from Gaylord farm and the vegetables are local and organic when available.  The cheese is also local from either Cabot or Grafton village farm.  There is no lard used and they are preservative free.  Since corn flour is used and not wheat, it is a gluten free food.  O, T, I


Hooker Mountain Farm

David Thayer – Cabot, VT

O, I

Products at market — Homemade natural sodas (maple cream and root beer), chicken


Lawsons Finest Liquids
Sean Lawson – Warren, VT

High on a hill, in the Sugarhouse Brewery, tiny batches of the finest beer are carefully tended to bring you a remarkable beverage that is only available in the heart of the Green Mountains.  I

Products at market – Lawson’s Finest is a small batch artisanal microbrewery located in Warren, Vermont. Our goal is to provide local brews of the highest quality and freshness, while crafting unique new recipes and emulating the best of widely appreciated styles. Our beer is custom crafted in tiny batches at a modest production facility tucked in the woods, on the east flank of Lincoln Mountain. Brewer/owner Sean Lawson uses locally grown Vermont hops in several beers, barley and wheat grown in Vermont and Maine, and Vermont spruce tips and maple syrup in several unique recipes, including the 2010 World Beer Cup Bronze Medalist in specialty beers, The Maple Triple Ale. “Straight from the Green Mountains to your Head!”


img_2166.jpgNorth Branch Vineyards

John and Katherine McCann – Montpelier, VTFamily owned and operated, established in 2007, North Branch Vineyards is a small winery, which lies beside the North Branch River, a branch on the Winooski River in Montpelier’s picturesque valley. O, I

Products at market — Vermont grown wine.


Peg’s Pantry

Peggy Thompson – Orange, VT

O, I

Peggy Thompson is a home gardener with a small fruit orchard. Peg’s Pantry offers a large variety of canned jams, jelly, pie fillings, and fruit sauces. You can also pick up a variety of fruit pies, fruit bread, homemade doughnuts, bagels and pound cakes.



Red Hen Baking Company

Randy George & Eliza Cain – Middlesex, Vermont

At Red Hen Baking Company, we specialize in long-fermented, handmade, hearth baked breads. Most of our breads are naturally leavened. This process involves maintaining starters that have support a population of wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria. The breads made in this manner are chewier and more flavorful than breads leavened with commercial yeast. Our breads are Certified Organic and many of them make use of local ingredients. After eight and a half years of running the business in Duxbury, Randy George and Eliza Cain, co-owners, moved the bakery to a new home in Middlesex in November 2007. The new location operates as the wholesale bread bakery and also offers a café serving espresso drinks, pastries and our breads. We have been selling our certified organic, naturally-leavened, hearth-baked bread every summer at The Montpelier Farmer’s Market since 2000. We use locally grown whole wheat flour from Gleason Grains (Bridport), Yukon gold potatoes from Foote Brook Farm (Johnson), local maple syrup in our sticky buns and we shop at the farmer’s market weekly during the season to select toppings for our seasonal brioche tarts. O, T, W

Products at market — 12 varieties of certified organic, naturally leavened breads and rolls, sticky buns, and brioche tarts, panettone in season.


Wise Owl Bakery

Marisa Keller – Montpelier, VT

O, I

Products at market — cookies, muffins, cakes, scones and other baked goods.


Woodbelly Pizza

Jonah Bourne– Cabot, VT

We bake artisan pizza on-site in a mobile oven using ingredients from local farms. Each day brings a different selection of toppings depending on the season and what’s fresh at market that morning. We use a wild-yeasted whole grain dough as our base and build up from there with our homemade sauces, pestos, and local meats, vegetables, and cheeses. We are also available for catering.  O

Products at market — pizzas using local ingredients, cooked on site in wood fired oven



Art TilesArt Tiles

Janice Walrafen – East Montpelier, VT

Art Tiles Studio is located at AllTogetherNow! a place for creative learning for people of all ages. Janice’s art is inspired by her great love of and great joy from nature and a recognition of our interconnectedness and interdependence. O, T

Products at market — handmade decorative relief tiles, field tile, and custom design tile and murals, tile tabletops, wall sculptures, vases, and planters




Robin L. Clements – West Danville, VT

O, T

Products at market — hand painted and inked functional art, frames, flower pots, vases, boxes, mirrors, candle sticks, magnets, and jewelry.

French Metal WorksFrench Metal Works

Jesse French – Montpelier, VT

O, T, I

Products at market — handmade sterling silver jewelry with gold and stones.

Gabriel's GlassGabriel Glass

Gabriel Cole – Williamstown, VT

O, T

Products at market — blown glass bowls, vases, wine glasses, ornaments.


Hardwood Cutting Boards

Jeff Tracy – Brookfield, VT


Products at market — Six different sized hardwood cutting boards and granite hot plates.

Khaos Designs

David Kaczynski – Worcester, VT

O, I

Products at market — Silver jewelry and accessories 


moonlit-birch.jpgMaiden Vermont T’s/Phyllis Chase Fine Art

Phyllis Chase – Calais, VT


Products at market — Hand Silkscreened T Shirts; Limited Edition Giclee Prints; Notecards



Pottery CornerPottery Corner

Susan Bradt & Linda Schutz – Calais, VT

Products at market — functional and decorative pottery, including vases, mugs, bowls, trays, leaf plates, garden sculpture, jars, canisters, boxes, earth pockets, soap dishes. O, W

Shining Seeds SoapShining Seeds Soap

Ryan Perryman – Craftsbury, VT

O, T

Products at market — many varieties of herbal soaps.

Stencil and StoneStencil and Stone

Larry Fafard & Darlene Chatot – Morrisville, VT


Products at market — slate garden markers, trivets, coasters, welcome signs.

Twisted Sisters PotteryTwisted Sisters Pottery

Bonnie Seidman & Enid Angstreich – Plainfield and Berlin, VT

Functional and sculptural ceramics inspired by and created in the Green Mountains.

O, T

Products at market — mugs, bowls, platters, vases and tiles, both thrown and hand built in porcelain and stoneware clays.  Also featuring sculptural and whimsical art ceramics and bonsai planters.

Wayfarer BasketsWayfarer Baskets

Kathy & Tom Couture – Barre, VT


Products at market — baskets, wood bowls and cutting boards, ornaments, antler items, books.


The Wool Shed at Frostbite Falls Farm

Barbara Tonnissen – Worcester, VT

In business since June, 2001 with a mission to offer all yarns that directly come from Vermont producers and farms. The fiber farm consists of cormo, merino, and cormo x sheep, alpaca, llama, and angora rabbits. O, T, I

Products at market — handspun yarns from the Frostbite Falls Farm flock; 100% VT wool yarns, dyed and hand painted; spinning & felting fibers; hand knitted hats, socks, scarves, sweaters and shawls.